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Azuria Entertainment provides a fresh take on your traditional children’s party. We find manners and self-respect to be two of the most valuable tools one can possess in life. Sure, we love playing dress up, singing and dancing, but believe that inner beauty counts most in the world. Our fantasy characters help young girls realize its not having hot pink nails or a glittery ballgown that make the girl… its who you are, and how you treat others that makes a true princess. Children dream of living in the magical world of their imaginations. We make that magic a reality, providing entertainment for private parties, summer camp, classrooms, corporate events, holiday events, libraries, bookstores, Girl Scout Troops, and after school programs bringing a touch of Azuria magic into your world. The Kingdom of Azuria is a magical land, where unicorns graze on four leaf clovers that grow like grass, and rainbows stay a whole day. Princess, Mermaid and Fairy Party Themes making your little one’s day magical & memorable. Step into our magical world and let yourself be enchanted at

Green Gifts: Fabric Birds

Top Ten Uses for Fabric Birds : July 20, 2009 by badhuman Here’s a super great gift and decorating idea for the holidays, and just in general really. Not only are they adorable, these birds are a great way to … Continue reading

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Those who live in a glass bottle house…

This is just too awesome! Russian Woman Builds House of 5,000 Glass Bottles Photos: via siryoga Besides shipping pallets, milk and beer crates, glass bottles are another building material that can be cheap, easily collected and reused, like in this … Continue reading

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Saving in the L’eau

Cheap and Easy Toilet Hacks That Will Save Water On average, a person will use a toilet four times a day. That means your toilet uses about twelve gallons of water every 24 hours. And the more people in your … Continue reading

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The Death of the Yoga Mat? from TreeHugger

This summer I got pretty seriously into yoga again. I loved my instructor in college, Keirsha! The most amazingly calm, equalized human I’d ever met. I wanted to pour her energy into a cup of tea and just drink it … Continue reading

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Green Your Halloween: Trick-or-Treat!

As a little girl, Halloween nite was second only to Christmas morning for me. Getting dressed up, staying out late and collecting a bunch of sweets? It didn’t get too much better than that! Whether you’re taking the kids out … Continue reading

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China and U.S. blame each other as climate talks conclude

by Agence France-Presse.TIANJIN, China – The United States and China clashed on the final day of climate change talks on Saturday, accusing each other of blocking progress ahead of a major summit next month on global warming.The world’s two biggest … Continue reading

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Green fraud is even more harmful than greenwashing

by Terry Tamminen. Last week, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) proposed guidelines to address the practice of inflating eco-friendly claims for a growing list of products, commonly known as greenwashing. Experts are debating if manufacturers should consider minimum standards for … Continue reading

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